fastr searches your routes to determine which controller and action a path belongs to.

Routes are configured in the app/config/routes.rb file. Here is an example:

router.draw do |route|
  route.for '/:controller/:action'
  route.for '/home/:action', :action => '[A-Za-z]+'
  route.for '/test', :to => 'home#index'


Inside of your route you can use variables. These variables will be available in your controller’s params object. By default variables are matched with the regex w+. You can override this by specifying the variable name and the regex to use.


route.for '/view/post/:id', :id => '[0-9]+'

If the URL was /view/post/1, the params object in the controller would look like this:

{:action=>"index", :id=>"1", :controller=>"main"}

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