CouchDB and Pylons: User Registration and Login

In the previous tutorial, we learned how to get CouchDB and Pylons up and running, as well as create a simple page counter. Now we are going to implement a simple user authentication system. This tutorial will teach you how to use formencode to validate forms and CouchDB to store our user data. Let's start by creating a new pylons project and some controllers. {% highlight bash %}{% raw %} $ paster create -t pylons...
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Written on February 21, 2009

MoosTrax Plugin for Wordpress

I'm just now finishing up a wordpress plugin for MoosTrax. It allows you to specify your API key from your MoosTrax account and then display a widget on your sidebar with your current location. You can see it in action on the sidebar of this blog. Check out the screenshot:
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Written on February 12, 2009

MoosTrax: Location Tagging

I've just finished working on a new feature, which is pretty basic, but useful. From your phone you can tag a location(give it a name) and it will be saved on the site. You can then view all your tags on the site, as well as send a public link of the tag to other people. The tagging is currently only supported on Android, but the BlackBerry version will be updated soon(its a quick thing...
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Written on February 10, 2009

WPA Wireless Authentication with eDirectory and FreeRADIUS

The following is an old article that I wrote that some people were asking me about. Here you go. Introduction The goal of this article is to allow you to have your wireless access protected by WPA and have users authenticate to eDirectory for access to the wireless network. What is WPA? WPA  is a wireless authentication standard used for controlling access to wireless networks. WPA can operate in a pre-shared key mode(router and client...
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Written on February 5, 2009

MoosTrax Bug Tracking Site

For those of you that are helping me test and improve MoosTrax, there is now a place where you can submit your feature requests and bugs. Please visit for more information.
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Written on February 4, 2009