MoosTrax Developer API is now active

Hey all, The developer API for MoosTrax is now available for use. You can get your devices, device info, current location, and history. Please see the reference here:
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Written on October 31, 2008

MoosTrax Site Launch

Well, its finally time. will be no more on October 31, 2008. I have been working on a brand new site,, which will resume the tracking services previously offered by BlackBerryTracker. This site should be a little more user friendly, and much more stable, as I'm aware that quite a few people were having issues with the BlackBerryTracker site. Currently, the new site has Live Tracking, History, and a Facebook Application. I will...
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Written on October 30, 2008

Cox sucks

First, let me start off by saying that Cox's customer service is absolutely terrible. I am only going to outline the most recent issue I've had with them in this post. My "problem" is simple. Here is a quick history... About 6 months ago I purchased a TiVo HD. It is able to access premium channels by using CableCARDs. After I brought the TiVo home, the next thing I needed was a CableCARD. I assumed...
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Written on August 2, 2008

iPhone RSS Parser

I've made a simple parser class for reading RSS feeds and a simple demo application for the iPhone that implements the iPhoneRSS class. The following example shows the usage for the RSS class. Basically, the class creates an NSArray of news items, and each object in the array is an NSDictionary. The dictionary contains the element name as the key. /* load feed from URL */ iPhoneRSS *rss = [[iPhoneRSS alloc] initWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@""]]; /* array...
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Written on July 17, 2008

OpenLBS - Open Source Tracking

I've just finished working on the initial release of OpenLBS. OpenLBS is an open source suite of location based software. The two initial components of the project are the client and the server. The server is Pylons-based project that implements the OpenLBS HTTP Specs. The client implements those same specs to work with the server. OpenLBS is useful if you want to run your own tracking server, or if you want to customize it according...
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Written on July 4, 2008