Blackberry Tracker Facebook Application

You can now add a Facebook application to your profile that will show your current location in a profile box. For more information, visit
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Written on February 6, 2008

Pylons (X)HTML Validator Middleware

This middleware will use the W3 Validator Service to check if your page is valid HTML. It will only check each URI once so that it doesn't slow down your site by validating every page load. It does this by placing the result of each URI into a memory cache(using Beaker). You can then call cacheisvalid_xhtml() in your template to determine if the current page is valid. Note: The first time your page loads it...
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Written on January 29, 2008

Genshi vs. Mako

As I stated previously how much I like Genshi...I've come to realize that the performance of Genshi under high traffic is very bad. It could be the complexity of the templates that I am using, but I'm only using a few py:match's and they are using once="true". I decided to benchmark Mako against Genshi for my site. Both templates are identical minus the syntactical differences of Genshi vs. Mako. I used the Apache HTTP server...
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Written on January 27, 2008

CableCard Underground

Check out my new site with information on CableCard/TiVo. I'll be looking into reverse engineering CableCard and be compiling my findings on the site.
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Written on January 23, 2008

Series3 PROM Hack

This is not for the inexperienced. Engadget is reporting that user Narf54321 on the forums has done a successful S3 PROM Hack. For the non-geeks, the PROM is the Programmable Read Only Memory chip on the motherboard of the Series3 that contains some of the basic intelligence, including the security that prevents loading modified software on the unit. Late-model Series2 and DirecTiVo units are similarly locked down, and loading hacked software on the units...
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Written on January 20, 2008