GeoFences in Blackberry Tracker

I've just added a new feature to Blackberry Tracker that allows you to be alerted when a device enters or leaves a certain area. These GeoFences are defined by picking a center location and then creating a circle around that point. You then have the option of defining whether you want to be alerted when the device enters or leaves this area. Currently the only supported alert type is e-mail, but I'll be adding SMS...
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Written on December 10, 2007

Blackberry Tracker - New server and site

I'm sure many of you have been noticing the intermittent downtimes that the site has been having, and for that I'm sorry. My host was having many issues and caused me to finally switch hosts. I have a dedicated server now and the downtimes should not occur anymore. Also, there is a new interface for the site, as you may have noticed. If there are any bugs please feel free to get in contact...
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Written on December 9, 2007

Blackberry Tracker - Put a map of your location on your site

I've just added a feature for the people that wanted to just have a simple map of their location on their own web site. It is EXTERMELY simple to do. Check out the instructions here:
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Written on November 11, 2007

Blackberry Tracker Developer Site Launch

I've launched the initial version of the Blackberry Tracker Developer site where you can get your API key and begin developing for Blackberry Tracker. Check out the site here. Developer Wiki.
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Written on November 6, 2007

Genshi: A Real Web Templating Language

I believe that it is very important for web sites to comply with HTML/XHTML standards. The HTML specification is very detailed in how it should be represented and thus browsers that render HTML try to follow the specification as close as possible. Most of the template languages that I have used(Django, Mako) are text-based. This means that it the template processors don't know anything about HTML. Everything that it works with is just text(as far...
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Written on October 17, 2007