Python Web Frameworks: 2 Down, 1 to go

On my trial to find the best python web framework(all around), I've just finished learning Pylons and experiencing everything it has to offer. Genshi is amazing and kills any text template engine(Django, Mako). SQLAlchemy is much different than Django's ORM and has its advantages and disadvantages. Django's ORM feels more natural and is much easier to learn at first. I believe that SQLAlchemy is much more powerful but the learning curve is much bigger. Django...
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Written on October 17, 2007

More Blackberry Tracker Updates

I just changed the entire layout and look of Blackberry Tracker. I think it looks much better than the old one and is easier to use. There have been small enhancements to the web application, and a new 'tagging' feature. Check it out.
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Written on October 4, 2007

Blackberry Tracker Feature

I've been asked by a few people to add a feature that allows a user to put their location(or a google map of their location) on their web site. I'm implementing the feature now and it should be done in the next day or so. Here are the details: Login to the Blackberry Tracker account that you use for the device that you are trying to track. When you go to Manage Device you will...
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Written on September 26, 2007

Calyx Point 6.0

I have to say that Calyx Point is probably the most worthless software that I have ever come across. Calyx makes a software called Point, a loan origination software. it is very popular amongst mortgage companies and is one of the more ubiquitous software packages that does loan origination. The fact that it is widely used would make you think that it must be a good piece of software. No. When installing Point locally on...
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Written on September 24, 2007

Blackberry Tracker Updates

I've updated the Blackberry Tracker site with some new features/bug fixes. fixed tracking history to use the user's time added "show all markers" to tracking history page scrolls to top when you click on a specific coordinate on history page added google earth kml to live tracking
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Written on August 30, 2007