Blackberry Tracker

I recently wrote a web application that works with Blackberry devices that have GPS on them. The web application lets you track the location of the phone as well as view history of where you have been. Check it out.
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Written on August 30, 2007

MSR206 Library

I recently purchased a Tysso MSE-750 Magnetic Stripe Encoder/Reader and decided to write a library to communicate with it in C++. I just started the project over at Google Code, which you can find here. Right now it can read 7-bit and 5-bit track data. I'm going to add the ability to write tracks next. The MSE750 follows the MSR206 protocol, so the library should be compatible with any MSR206(or its derivatives like MSE-750) encoders....
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Written on August 6, 2007

Sprint sucks

Another headache from sprint for me, check out my thread:
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Written on July 18, 2007

Cox Tempe Series2 Solution/Workaround

I recently purchased my first Tivo, an 80-hour Series2. I got home, hooked everything up, and after everything was setup I realized that Cox Communications in Tempe does not have any analog channels above 22(their "expanded" service). This made me really upset because I have lived in other areas in Phoenix and analog service above 22 was always available. I came to find out that in Tempe they are still using 550Mhz lines, which means...
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Written on June 10, 2007

BES Problem Fixed

After hours of staring at log files and trying everything known to man to get my BES server functioning properly, I finally found a fix. It was as simple as re-creating the user in eDirectory/GroupWise and then adding the user again in BES. It was that easy?! BLAH!
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Written on May 29, 2007