Fastr - A Web Framework for Ruby

Foreword Every month I go on a binge and learn something new. The most recent binge resulted in a new web framework, called fastr. I've always used Rails when I needed to create a web application in Ruby, but despite how great it is to code in, the performance and concurrency is not up to par. Don't get me wrong -- Rails can scale, but it is not inherently very good when it comes to...
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Written on June 8, 2010

Unlocking the full potential of the iPhone

Since Apple launched the iPhone in 2007 there has been an unprecedented growth in the mobile phone market. From new advances in hardware, such as touch screens, to operating systems mimicking the full power of a desktop computer. Never has a smartphone been able to penetrate the demographics of 10 year olds, to teenagers, or mom and dad -- until the iPhone. There are now hundreds of thousands of applications built for mobile phones, with...
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Written on April 17, 2010

Groovy scripts and JVM Security

Groovy is a very cool dynamic language for the JVM. Because it runs on the JVM, it also has the great security features as well. Let's see how we can run trusted code and allow a dynamic (possibly user defined) script to execute with limited permissions. We will also see how the script can call functions in our trusted code and how we can elevate privileges to allow the untrusted script to get access to...
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Written on March 24, 2010

Getting started with Scala using SBT

One of my biggest gripes with Java (and all the languages that run on the JVM) is getting my project setup and building it. Maven is not my favorite, and ant..well..I don't like it either. Fortunately, if you want to start a new project in Scala, there is a great build tool available that takes a lot of the pain out of project management and building - SBT, simple-build-tool. sbt is a simple build tool...
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Written on February 10, 2010

AjaxTask - a rails plugin for managing background tasks

SOAP, Background Tasks, and AJAX Recently in Rails I've been interacting with various SOAP services and running them in the background with Workling. I needed to relay the SOAP response to the client's web browser, so I decided to use AJAX to poll the status of my background tasks. This is great if you have I created a Rails plugin, called AjaxTask, that has two components: Methods to use in your controller to define a...
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Written on February 9, 2010