MySQL and partitioning tables with millions of rows

The Problem I've been running a mobile GPS tracking service, MoosTrax (formerly BlackBerry Tracker), for a few years and have encountered a large amount of data in the process. A user's phone sends its location to the server and it is stored in a MySQL database. Each "location" entry is stored as a single row in a table. Right now there are approximately 12 million rows in the location table, and things are getting slow...
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Written on January 31, 2010

libactor now at google code

libactor is now available on google code. Check it out: If you have any problems or ideas, post them there! Chris
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Written on October 30, 2009


Check out some tutorials on various topics: Pylons Pylons Worker Threads CouchDB and Pylons, Getting Started CouchDB and Pylons: User Registration and Login Erlang Building an Erlang chat server with Comet – Part 1 Building an Erlang chat server with Comet – Part 2 Building an Erlang chat server with Comet – Part 3
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Written on October 29, 2009

libactor - a C library based on the Actor model

Recently I've been really interested in functional, concurrent programming languages, such as Erlang. This prompted me to have some fun in C, and try to implement a simple library that is based on the Actor Model. Right now it is usable, although it may not be ready for production. It uses pthreads and the library handles all of the threading issues, so you don't have to worry about any of it at all. In a...
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Written on October 28, 2009

Colloquy for iPhone -- Push Notification Server

Colloquy is a great IRC client for Mac, as well as the iPhone. Currently, to run Colloquy on the iPhone you must purchase the mobile version from the App Store. The other option is to download the source and build it yourself, but you must be a registered iPhone developer to run it on an actual iPhone. Also, if you intend to use push notifications (via the Colloquy ZNC plugin), you must have a push...
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Written on October 22, 2009