Haskell AIM Client - a cool proof of concept

Haskell has been my favorite programming language in the past month, and for good reason. Its (purely) functional and has strong, static typing. The language feels more graceful to me, where design and function are key. It is a joy to program in and I would love to keep exploring it. On my path to learning a new language, I usually try to implement something to get some real-world experience. In this instance, I have...
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Written on May 26, 2009

10 things I like about the T-Mobile G1 (and Android)

I picked up a T-Mobile G1 in December after my BlackBerry 8800 stopped charging (broken USB connector). After using it for the last ~6 months, I have to say that its one of the best phones I've owned. Disclaimer: This isn't a "why the G1 is better than an (iphone, blackberry, etc,.)" post, its just some things I really like about the G1. This list is in no particular order, FYI. 1. Push E-Mail (via...
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Written on May 25, 2009

Looking for work

Right now I'm currently looking for a new project to work on, if anyone is interested in recruiting my services, please contact me at xoclipse@cox.net. I would prefer to work on web, mobile, or desktop applications. I have experience with most major web frameworks (Pylons/Django, Rails). I have written quite a few mobile applications for various platforms (J2ME, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry). I've written desktop applications for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
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Written on May 4, 2009

MyLocation for Android

I just made a simple Android app, using the new Android 1.5 SDK (Cupcake), that will show your current location using GPS or Wireless Networks. For GPS, you can also see number of satellites, as well as fix time. There will be an update soon to show more information about the satellites. Check out the screenshots:
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Written on April 30, 2009

MoosTrax Site Redesign Launched. Open Registrations.

You can view the new MoosTrax site at http://www.moostrax.com. Registrations are now open so anyone can signup. A new BlackBerry client version has been released, version 0.3.3. Also, existing Storm users that are experiencing update problems should raise their accuracy to 200 meters and see if that fixes the problem.
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Written on March 18, 2009