MoosTrax site new design, and leaving beta.

MoosTrax is now almost out of beta, which means registrations will be open to all. Also, the site has been redesigned to have a cleaner look. The new site will be available soon, check out a preview here:
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Written on March 16, 2009

MoosTrax Mobile Site

You can now access a smaller, stripped down version of the MoosTrax site on your mobile phone by visiting Currently only live tracking is supported.
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Written on March 6, 2009

Pylons Worker Threads

I was reading a thread over at pylons-discuss about worker threads in pylons. Worker threads are useful if you need to execute a long running task, but want to return to the user immediately. You could run a new thread per request, but if you have many requests, it is probably better to queue things up. To do this, you start a thread and use python's Queue for managing the tasks. Here is a very...
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Written on March 4, 2009

MoosTrax and Yahoo Fire Eagle

You can now have your location sent from MoosTrax to Yahoo Fire Eagle. "Fire Eagle is a site that stores information about your location. With your permission, other services and devices can either update that information or access it. By helping applications respond to your location, Fire Eagle is designed to make the world around you more interesting! Use your location to power friend-finders, games, local information services, blog badges and stuff like that..." If...
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Written on February 24, 2009

MoosTrax Ruby Library

You can now access MoosTrax with Ruby. Install the gem $ wget $ sudo gem install MoosTrax-0.1.gem Try out this demo script make sure to fill your API_KEY in. require 'rubygems' require 'moostrax' require 'time' def get_local_date(date_str) Time.parse(date_str + ' UTC').getlocal.asctime end mt ='API_KEY') begin devices = mt.devices devices.each do |device| info = mt.device_info(device) puts "Device ID: #{info['device_id']}\n" puts "Device Name: #{info['device_name']}\n" puts "Last Contact: #{get_local_date(info['last_contact'])}\n" puts "Date Added: #{get_local_date(info['date_added'])}\n" location = mt.location(device)...
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Written on February 23, 2009