It makes me so angry sometimes to read about all the DRM’d content there is out there and how the consumer is the one who really gets screwed. If I purchase an HD-DVD or BluRay movie for $35 and I want to be able to rip the movie and put it into a storable format on my computer, I damn well should be able to.

I suppose DRM exists to prevent piracy. Unfortunately the main side effect of this anti-piracy effort is it disables the consumer’s ability to do what they want with their purchased content. If they want to attack piracy, they should just go and legally persecute the people that share the content on the internet. Pirating movies off the internet is a whole different topic though.

For now I just want to be able to take my movie that I bought and put it on any of my devices in any format without having to jump through 500000000 hoops to do it.

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