Zero Downtime Deployments in Kuberentes

If you don't already know Kuberentes, its a Container Orchestration Platform originally designed by Google. I'll assume you already have a decent understanding of containers and Kuberentes, but if not, I recommend learning about it here. If you want to get a cluster up and running quickly you can check out Minikube.
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Written on September 28, 2016

HTTP/2 HPACK Compression library in Golang

HPACK was designed to provide header compression in HTTP/2. It uses both Huffman encoding for compressing strings and index tables to reduce the amount of over-the-wire header data needed in an HTTP/2 request. I found the specification interesting and wrote a Golang library that implements it, skip here to read about it.
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Written on February 19, 2016

decentralized network 42

Recently I've been interested in BGP and stumbled across a thread on reddit that pointed me to a community called decentralized network 42, or dn42.
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Written on December 27, 2015

CoreOS with cloud-config on VMWare ESXi

CoreOS is a lightweight Linux distribution that integrates a platform for distributed environments. It makes Docker containers first class and adds some great features such as service discovery with etcd and cluster management with fleet. This post won't go into too much detail on the benefits of CoreOS, so I recommend you head to the CoreOS site to read more. Instead we will be talking about how to get CoreOS running on VMWare ESXi.
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Written on May 28, 2014

clojure, ring, and 1990's style counters

Clojure is a Lisp-like programming language that runs on the JVM. Ring is a web application library that provides a simple framework for serving HTTP content with clojure. It is similar to Rack for Ruby or WSGI for Python.
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Written on January 31, 2013