I have to say that Calyx Point is probably the most worthless software that I have ever come across. Calyx makes a software called Point, a loan origination software. it is very popular amongst mortgage companies and is one of the more ubiquitous software packages that does loan origination. The fact that it is widely used would make you think that it must be a good piece of software. No.

When installing Point locally on a computer, it works pretty well as intended. One of the main downfalls I have with this program is its lack of support for use in Terminal Server. From Point 6.0 System Requirements:

Note: Point is written to be compatible with Microsoft peer-to-peer and client/server networks. Calyx does not support data hosted on a storage device or the operation of Point on Novell networks, Linux, OS/2, UNIX, Windows 98, ME, or any thin-client networks such as Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Services.

It seems pretty ridiculous that a modern software package is not supported under Terminal Server. Either their developers are just absolute morons and can’t code it properly sandboxed or their customer support just doesn’t want to deal with helping people. My bet is the developers are just not coding it properly.

I’ve been trying to upgrade to Point 6.0 from Point 5.4 on a Terminal Server for one of my clients and have been unsuccessful. The problem is that when opening the application the window never shows. Bah to .NET Framework and Calyx.

Check out all the help I am getting on my problem on the inactive Calyx Message Boards: http://messageboard.calyxsupport.com/Topic5589-7-1.aspx