I’ve been asked by a few people to add a feature that allows a user to put their location(or a google map of their location) on their web site.

I’m implementing the feature now and it should be done in the next day or so. Here are the details:

Login to the Blackberry Tracker account that you use for the device that you are trying to track. When you go to Manage Device you will see a 32 character string called the Device Key. This will be used by your web site to retrieve the GPS information for the selected device.

Once you have the Device Key, you need to request the following URL(GET method) in your web application. http://bb.tech9computers.com/api/gps/DEVICE_KEY/

You will retrieve the following XML document:


It should be mostly self explanatory.

I will be extending this feature soon too, but this will probably be the basic feature I’ll add tomorrow.