You can now access MoosTrax with Ruby.

Install the gem

$ wget
$ sudo gem install MoosTrax-0.1.gem

Try out this demo script

make sure to fill your API_KEY in.

require 'rubygems'
require 'moostrax'
require 'time'

def get_local_date(date_str)
    Time.parse(date_str + ' UTC').getlocal.asctime

mt ='API_KEY')

    devices = mt.devices
    devices.each do |device|
        info = mt.device_info(device)
        puts "Device ID: #{info['device_id']}\n"
        puts "Device Name: #{info['device_name']}\n"
        puts "Last Contact: #{get_local_date(info['last_contact'])}\n"
        puts "Date Added: #{get_local_date(info['date_added'])}\n"
        location = mt.location(device)
        puts "Most Recent Location: #{location['latitude']}, #{location['longitude']} #{get_local_date(location['date'])}\r\n"
        history = mt.history(device,,
        puts "Number of location updates in past 24 hours: #{history.length}\r\n"
        puts "First Location in History: #{history[0]['latitude']}, #{history[0]['longitude']}\r\n" if history.length >=1
        puts '------------------------------------------------------'
rescue MoosTrax::APIError => e
    puts "Unable to access MoosTrax: #{e.message}"

For more information, check out the Developer API Wiki.