Directory Structure

fastr applications are structured to make your life easy. The structure is very similar to Rails.

  • app
    • config
    • controllers
    • models
    • views
  • custom
    • plugins
  • public
  • lib
  • test


The config directory contains files for configuring your fastr application.

  • init.rb
    • This file is evaluated when your application has finished booting. You can put any initialization code here.
  • routes.rb
    • This file is used to configure the routing for your application. See Routes for more information.
  • settings.rb


Your controllers should be placed in this directory. See Controllers for more information.


Your models should be placed in this directory. Currently there is no persistence in fastr. Use this folder if you want to include a custom persistence module.


Your views should be placed in this directory. When a controller renders a template, the template is searched for in this directory. See Views for more information.


fastr will load any plugins contained in this directory. See Plugins for more information.


Before routing, fastr will try to serve the file if it exists in this directory. See static files for more information.


Put your library code in this directory.


Put your test files in this directory.

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