Well, its finally time. BlackBerryTracker.com will be no more on October 31, 2008.

I have been working on a brand new site, MoosTrax.com, which will resume the tracking services previously offered by BlackBerryTracker. This site should be a little more user friendly, and much more stable, as I’m aware that quite a few people were having issues with the BlackBerryTracker site.

Currently, the new site has Live Tracking, History, and a Facebook Application. I will probably have GeoFences, which will be slightly different than how they were on BlackBerryTracker, up in about a week.

The Developer API should be also available by the end of this weekend.

The Facebook Application is all new as well, and integrates much better with the new Facebook design. Check it out here.

A new client for the BlackBerry was designed from the ground up, and should be much more stable and better battery life than the older BlackBerryTracker client.

You can check out the site at: