MoosTrax Site Launch

Well, its finally time. will be no more on October 31, 2008. I have been working on a brand new site,, which will resume the tracking services previously offered by BlackBerryTracker. This site should be a little more user friendly, and much more stable, as I’m aware that quite a few people were having issues with the BlackBerryTracker site. Currently, the new site has Live Tracking, History, and a Facebook Application....

October 30, 2008 · Chris Moos

Blackberry Tracker Facebook Application

You can now add a Facebook application to your profile that will show your current location in a profile box. For more information, visit

February 6, 2008 · Chris Moos

Blackberry Tracker Developer Site Launch

I’ve launched the initial version of the Blackberry Tracker Developer site where you can get your API key and begin developing for Blackberry Tracker. Check out the site here. Developer Wiki.

November 6, 2007 · Chris Moos