MoosTrax released for iPhone

I am happy to say that MoosTrax has been approved by Apple and is now available for download in the App Store. Thanks to everyone who helped with the beta testing -- it was a great help. Note: MoosTrax works on devices running iOS 4+. iPhone Support/Help MoosTrax iTunes Link

July 29, 2010 · Chris Moos

MoosTrax for iPhone Beta Updates

I've been working a lot on getting MoosTrax ready for the App Store and the latest beta adds a lot of great features. View a list of all of your devices View the current location of any device on your account. Enhanced battery usage through the "Conserve Battery" feature. The beta is still open, so send an e-mail to to join.

July 12, 2010 · Chris Moos

MoosTrax for iPhone iOS4

I just got a new iPhone 4 with iOS4...and it supports background location updates! I've decided to bring MoosTrax back to the iPhone. I’m looking for beta testers…and then soon I’ll be pushing it to the App Store. Applying for the beta Please e-mail with your iPhone's UDID. For information on finding the UDID, go here: Screenshots

June 27, 2010 · Chris Moos

Unlocking the full potential of the iPhone

Since Apple launched the iPhone in 2007 there has been an unprecedented growth in the mobile phone market. From new advances in hardware, such as touch screens, to operating systems mimicking the full power of a desktop computer. Never has a smartphone been able to penetrate the demographics of 10 year olds, to teenagers, or mom and dad – until the iPhone. There are now hundreds of thousands of applications built for mobile phones, with every use case you can imagine....

April 17, 2010 · Chris Moos

Colloquy for iPhone -- Push Notification Server

Colloquy is a great IRC client for Mac, as well as the iPhone. Currently, to run Colloquy on the iPhone you must purchase the mobile version from the App Store. The other option is to download the source and build it yourself, but you must be a registered iPhone developer to run it on an actual iPhone. Also, if you intend to use push notifications (via the Colloquy ZNC plugin), you must have a push certificate as well....

October 22, 2009 · Chris Moos

AT&T, Loopt, and the iPhone -- moving the world into a more ethical place

AT&T is going to permit Loopt, a location based services vendor, access to exclusive background functionality on the iPhone. As the primary developer and owner of a free web based location services site,, I am absolutely infuriated with what is taking place. When I discovered the aforemetioned, I realized that the key to being able to take advantage of a closed platform(as a software developer, and in this case, the iPhone platform), is to strike a deal with the carrier and put some money in their pockets....

September 4, 2009 · Chris Moos

MoosTrax for iPhone - Looking for testers

I just made a very basic MoosTrax location updater for the iPhone. Currently it just sends your location to MoosTrax when you press the Update Now button. I will be adding push notifications soon so that when someone pulls up the Live Tracking page on the MoosTrax website, you will receive a notification on your iPhone requesting you to update your location. That is really all I can do for now, as background applications are still not permitted....

August 7, 2009 · Chris Moos

Apple Push Notification Library for Haskell

I have been working with Apple’s Push Notification service recently and decided to make a library to send notifications with Haskell. It is very simple and has a few helpers to make notifications with an alert, sound, etc,. ApplePush Hackage ApplePush Documentation When using the library, you must use an SSL tunnel, because Haskell’s SSL support is incomplete. I use stunnel4, which works great, and offloads the SSL processing as well....

July 13, 2009 · Chris Moos

MoosTrax, iPhone, and Push Notifications

I recently traded my T-Mobile G1, with Android, for an iPhone 3G. I am hoping to get MoosTrax running on the iPhone, but unfortunately, even with push notifications, it might not be the same as the BlackBerry and Android versions. Here are some reasons why. No automatic location updates The iPhone OS does not allow applications to run in the background, which means MoosTrax cannot check your location and send it to the server at a fixed interval....

July 3, 2009 · Chris Moos

iPhone RSS Parser

I’ve made a simple parser class for reading RSS feeds and a simple demo application for the iPhone that implements the iPhoneRSS class. The following example shows the usage for the RSS class. Basically, the class creates an NSArray of news items, and each object in the array is an NSDictionary. The dictionary contains the element name as the key. /* load feed from URL */ iPhoneRSS *rss = [[iPhoneRSS alloc] initWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"http://www....

July 17, 2008 · Chris Moos